Auto Repair and Detailing Services Fayetteville NY

Offering a wide variety of auto repair and vehicle detailing services in Fayetteville NY. Call 315-637-1544!

We specialize in complete domestic and foreign automobile repair, as well as automobile and light truck towing.

Preventative MaintenancePreventative-Maintenance

R G Hence & Sons Garage offers a wide variety of preventative maintenance services for your vehicle. These services include lube, oil, filter changes which include fluids and tire pressure check. We also provide New York State Inspections.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Does your car’s A/C system need to be recharged? We offer air conditioning and heating service and repair. We will visually inspect hoses, lines, and seals for leaks, as well as check temperature readings and check the drive belt for damage and are fully equipped to recharge the refrigerant. We specialize in all parts of the cooling system including the radiator, water pumps, and system flushes.

Electrical SystemElectrical-System

We also specialize in auto electrical systems. Our experienced, trained technicians will find any electrical issues your vehicle may be having including shorts, broken wires, poor connections, battery drain concerns and much more. We can also replace your battery, alternator, and starter.

Suspension & SteeringSuspension

Servicing your suspension system can help eliminate premature tire wear and save you lots of money. We will thoroughly inspect your shocks, struts, and springs for signs of damage and wear. After a full inspection, we will replace any worn or damaged steering and suspension parts. 

Engine Service & RepairEngine-Service

At R G Hence & Sons Garage we specialize in engine service and repair. Whether you come in for a check engine light diagnostic, engine maintenance or a complete engine overhaul – we can do it all. We also offer transmission replacement services. Call us today for more information.

Brakes & ABS DiagnosisBrakes

Annual inspections and proper maintenance of your brake systems are important to ensure your safety and to avoid costly failures. The experienced technicians at R G Hence & Sons Garage will exam your entire brake system including pads, hoses and lines, and the anti-lock system. If any issues are uncovered, we are fully equipped to repair your brake system. 

Fuel Systems - Carbureted and InjectionFuel-Systems

Your vehicle’s fuel system delivers the energy needed to make your car run. A clean, constant supply of gas is needed to ensure your vehicle performs safely and at maximum performance. We offer high-quality services to customers throughout Fayetteville, NY and the surrounding areas.

Exhaust Systems


Properly working exhaust systems are good for you and the environment. We offer a full range of exhaust and emission repair service options, from high-performance mufflers and exhaust systems to as well as value-oriented replacement mufflers and systems.

Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing


Looking to get your vehicle cleaned inside and out, but not sure where to go? Don't worry, we have you covered. With both interior and exterior auto detailing services, we hand wash and wax your vehicle to ensure every inch is spotless, and we treat every carpet and upholstery with high-grade shampooing to make sure when your car leaves, it's like new.

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